Our People 

Mega Health Global Co. Ltd. (Mega Health Global Group) is committed to satisfying the needs of customers in improving the quality of life and health care, and at the same time, it does not forget to become the best employer in the industry.

People Vision

Becoming the best employer in the industry provides employees with the best environment and conditions in terms of employee training and development, as well as job satisfaction, return and recognition. We promise that all current employees and employees who will join in the future, we value your future, your development and your contribution.

Four People Principles

In terms of human resources, we have four principles that reflect our values ​​and commitments to employees:

Treat others the way you want to be treated

We treat every employee with the attitude and purpose of “Treat others the way you want to be treated” and value their values. We will encourage and recognize the outstanding performance, good team spirit and serious work attitude of employees in different positions.

Walk the Talk

In different positions, we work hard for the best interests of the company. We adopt frank and respectful communication, listen to each other, understand and value different opinions. We encourage mutual learning and believe in the importance of personal responsibility.

Value your personal growth and future

Employees will be able to continuously acquire skills and knowledge. Every employee can develop personal strengths and professional skills in a good environment and supporting facilities, and grow from opportunities.

Ensure fundamental resources for every employee

Employees can get all the resources that can improve work efficiency to ensure the operation of the business. We promise to give them freedom and space for their self-expression, hence to balance their lives and work.