Grand Health 

About Us

Founded in 2008, Grand Health is dedicated to provide efficient health care products, assisting the public in maintaining health in the face of hectic urban life. As the leading brand in Hong Kong’s dietary supplement market, Grand Health has always adhered to the “people-oriented” concept, striving to popularize advanced medical health products, so that the public can improve health and enjoy quality life.

People-Oriented Concept

With rapid technological development, the indicators of physical health are not only limited to the needs of nutrient supplementation and maintenance of physical functions. Health issues have been transferred to high-end medical fields such as brain cell activation and DNA repair. Grand Health works closely with the global biological research centers to actively explore emerging health care products for the public.

Excellent Brand & Scientific Evidence

Since our establishment, Grand Health has continuously introduced series of nutrition and health products, based on our experiences in operation management, technology and talent management. All products have been verified with comprehensive testing and international certification, ensuring good quality, safe and reliable products.

Grand Health will continue to lead the trend of healthy life with leading scientific research and provide high-quality health supplements to give you and your family.