Corporate Social Responsibility 

Mega Health Global Co. Ltd. (Mega Health Global Group) has been working hard and actively giving back to the society. As a member of the Hong Kong society, we are honored to meet the needs of everyone in the community and provide diversified products. Interacting with the community and helping the public are our important corporate culture.

We have always cared for the community. We actively promote the participation and communication of various departments and colleagues, so that every employee can personally contribute to the community. Fulfilling corporate social responsibility is not only our duty, we are convinced that the process will bring more development and opportunities to the group. We work together to fulfill our social responsibilities in the three major areas of “Community care”, “Working environment” and “Ecological environment”.

Community Care

Over the years, the group has been enthusiastic about serving and caring for the community. We will continue to communicate closely with the community, establish a good communication relationship, and understand and listen to the needs of the community. We support employees to actively participate in volunteer activities, serve the society with actions, fulfill the spirit of corporate social responsibility, and hope to bring love and laughter to different classes.

Working environment

We are committed to creating a safe, caring and equal working environment for our employees. We value employee development and the future, actively and continuously provide employees with appropriate training, encourage them to try and develop their strengths, and make progress and growth together with Mega Health Global Co., Ltd.

Ecological environment

The purpose of Mega Health Global Co., Ltd. is to reduce the impact of its business activities on the environment, so as not to affect the ecological environment. Our focus includes enabling communities and suppliers to continue participating in our environmental protection plan while manufacturing our own branded products. For example: improving energy efficiency and reducing waste generated. When designing and producing products, we first reduce the damage to the environment through measures such as evaluating the supplier’s environmental impact, and selecting high-quality product ingredients and packaging materials. This is our commitment to the environment.